Over the last thirty years we've experienced, both first hand and as advisors, many different challenges. Whether it's negotiating international corporate alliances, multi-jurisdictional disputes or deciding the most appropriate product display layout, we have always pursued each challenge with enthusiasm and resolve.

Personally, I have experienced what at the time seemed like survival threatening corporate challenges. I always had to seek out advice from several professionals before instinctively choosing the ones who took ownership of the problem and spoke in ways that I understood as demonstrating their wish to resolve the problem in my interest. Too often this is the one significant characteristic missing that could have pushed the whole team to find the elusive but successful solution. This is what we and our chosen partners strive to offer every time.

Our Advisors
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International Corporate Advisors

As a member of the leading Baker Tilly International network, we work with them to offer access to a team of experts nationally and internationally to help our client partners grow and prosper; locally, nationally and internationally.

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MCDCM Solicitors

Legal Advice 


MCDM deal with financial institutions to assist our clients in the settlement and restructuring of their financial affairs and their debts. They have an exceptional track record in finding the solutions that evade others.


They understand that litigation is at all times a results orientated process. Using the correct mix of technical skill and common sense they have a remarkable rate of success.

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Corporate Structures

JW Accountants is a Corporate Recovery, Insolvency and Litigation Specialist. There expert team has significant experience in the areas of Examinerships, Court Liquidations, Creditor Voluntary Liquidations, Members Voluntary Liquidations, Receiverships and Litigation Support. 

Alastair Mc Guckian
Business Development

With over 50 years of international business experience Alastair has set-up, managed and developed over 30 companies on every continent in the world. He has a generous and sharing philosophy of life which he carries through to the business world. Alastair offers a level of business solutions and personnel development that is only possible with the experiences that he has experienced and resolved over this long and successful career.

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